When the time comes to purchase prescription glasses, Quebec consumers have several choices. They can buy their glasses from an optometrist, an optician or online. With so many possibilities, how do you find the best prescription glasses at the best price?

The first step in obtaining prescription glasses is to have an eye exam with an optometrist. Following the examination, the optometrist must give you a prescription which is necessary for the purchase of glasses. While some consumers tend to purchase their prescription glasses directly from the optometrist, this is by no means a requirement. Once the prescription is in hand, you are free to buy your glasses wherever you want.

With this in mind, it is interesting to find out about glasses, frames and especially prices from several optometrists and opticians. In fact, to find the best glasses at the best price, the secret is to shop. So you can find glasses that are perfectly suited to your needs, and above all, to your budget.

Some eyecare professionals offer attractive packages. This is notably the case with Lunetterie Béland, which notably offers a package including frames and HD progressive lenses with enlarged vision, scratch resistant & anti-reflective, starting at $ 249.