There’s more to a perfect pair of glasses than frames: it’s also important to choose the right lenses. And if you’ve ever wondered about the different lens options available to you, you’re in the right place !
Here is a brief description of the types of lenses and treatments available.


There are practically as many different types of lenses as there are visual correction needs, from Simple Vision to progressive lenses and lenses for computer use, just to name a few. And not all of them require a prescription from your optometrist. Your Lunetterie Béland optician is qualified to help you choose the best lenses for your vision needs.
  • Simple Vision lenses

    As their name suggests, Simple Vision lenses provide only vision correction. These types of lenses are frequently used for near-sightedness (myopia), far-sightedness (hyperopia) and blurred vision due to astigmatism. Simple Vision lenses can also be used to correct a combination of vision impairment problems. Your Lunetterie Béland optician will examine your needs and
    help you choose the right lenses for your condition.

    Anti-fatigue lenses

    The technology behind anti-fatigue lenses provides enhanced comfort to individuals who spend a lot of time reading. If you require anti-fatigue lenses, your Lunetterie Béland optician will help you assess your needs.

    Thin lenses

    It’s a myth that you need to grind down lenses at the edges to make them thinner. The reality is quite different. Ophthalmic lenses are made from plastic. A great variety of plastic materials are used, from standard materials like CR-39 to more resistant ones like polycarbonate and Trivex and thinner ones with a lens index of 1.60, 1.67 or 1.74. Depending on your
    prescription, your Lunetterie Béland optician will recommend the most suitable material for your needs. The choice of plastic material varies according to your prescription and your chosen frames. The thinnest and most expensive material may not necessarily be appropriate for your prescription. Choosing the right product ensures your needs are met and you don’t have to
    spend more money than necessary.

  • Progressive lenses

    Progressive lenses are designed to correct for vision in all ranges of distance. They are the number one solution used for presbyopia, or the age-related loss of near focusing ability. There’s a multitude of progressive lenses available in a wide range
    of designs. Our progressive lenses are all High Definition. This technology offers the wearer superior comfort, a wide reading area and excellent discontinuity control. Your Lunetterie Béland optician will examine your needs and help you choose the right lenses for your condition.

    Lenses for computer use

    These are “degressive” lenses that correct vision at near and intermediate distances. They are often used in work settings as they allow wearers to clearly see their computer screen, keyboard and work area for typing, reading and writing. They are also helpful for improving vision during other activities, like playing music (reading music notes, seeing the instrument), painting
    (paint and canvas) and sewing (needle and fabric). Your Lunetterie Béland optician will examine your needs and help you choose the right lenses for your condition.

    Sunglasses lenses

    Great news! All our lenses are available in tinted versions for sunglasses, so you can combine vision correction with solar
    protection. Your Lunetterie Béland optician will examine your needs and help you choose the right lenses for your condition.


Several treatment options are available to enhance the functionality of your lenses. Typically, these solutions provide additional comfort and improved protection. Talk to your Lunetterie Béland optician to determine the ideal solution for your needs.
  • Scratch-resistant coating
    All our lenses come with scratch-resistant coating that adds an additional level of protection against scratch damage. It’s important to note that even with scratch resistance, the wearer must still take basic precautions to keep their glasses in good condition.

    Digital (free-form) lenses
    Blue Select treatment eliminates harmful blue light, which can lead to problems associated with the long-term use of computers, tablets and smartphones. It is particularly recommended for teens and young adults as well as people who work
    with a digital screen.

  • Anti-reflective coating
    All our lenses come with easy-to-clean anti-reflective coating that repels dirt, dust and even water. This treatment makes lenses more transparent, resulting in greater comfort and visual clarity.

    Transitions Signature lenses
    Transitions Signature technology has been around for a while, but it’s much more effective today than it was 15 years ago. These adaptive lenses darken when exposed to outdoor light and become transparent again indoors within a matter of a few minutes. The “magic” behind Transitions Signature lenses is their ability to react to the sun’s UV rays. The lenses come in
    grey, brown and green. Other Transitions lenses are also available, including Vantage, which offers polarization, and Xtractive, which also works inside a car. Transitions lenses also protect against blue light.

Treatments for Sunglasses

Like all glasses, sunglasses can also be adjusted to improve vision quality. We offer two types of treatment for sunglasses:
  • Lenses with regular UV protection
    These ophthalmic lenses with regular protection against ultraviolet light come in an infinite number of colours. The lenses are hand-crafted, meaning we can produce them in the exact colour you choose. They provide effective protection against harmful visible and UV light when used under normal conditions.

  • Polarized lenses
    Polarized lenses block light reflected on surfaces such as water. They are particularly suitable for people who do water sports or winter sports activities. Polarized lenses are available in grey, brown and green.