At Lunetterie Béland, we carefully select our frames to ensure you find eyewear that matches your personal style and meets all your vision-related needs. Our selection includes both classic and original designs for the whole family, including models by major brand names.
A variety of frame materials are available depending on the look you want to achieve :


    Monel is the most commonly used material in metal eyeglass frames. It is composed primarily of nickel (up to 67%) and
    copper. Monel is a strong material used for high-quality frames.



    Titanium is a very light material, being 25% lighter than monel. It is also more resistant and hypoallergenic. However, in the
    event of breakage, titanium frames are harder to weld and repair.


    Stainless steel

    Stainless steel eyeglasses are also a hypoallergenic option.



    For decades, acetate has been the material of choice for synthetic frames. Acetate contains cellulose fibres that make it
    possible to produce laminated optical frames in a vast array of colours.



    The advantage of plastic is that it can be modelled to satisfy a wide range of colour and texture preferences. Optyl is considered the most attractive type of plastic for eyeglass frames. First popularized by Christian Dior, it remains a material of choice in the eyewear industry.
    Optyl is hypoallergenic and comes with infinite possibilities for colours and translucent details.


    Carbon fibre

    Quite rare on the market, carbon fibre frames are light, very strong and often less expensive than titanium models. This
    material is often used for sports glasses.


    Tortoise shell

    A rare and more expensive option, tortoise shell frames are produced by government-certified facilities in France in small
    quantities subject to strict international quotas.
    Tortoise shell offers unique colours and textures.
    However, glasses with tortoise shell frames are quite fragile and require special maintenance.


    Buffalo horn

    This rare and luxurious material is also used to make frames. Like tortoise shell frames, these products are quite fragile and
    require special care.