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Our mission

Eye health above all

At Lunetterie Béland, we don’t just sell you glasses: we guarantee you good vision throughout your life, for your whole family, and in compliance with your prescription.

Our commitment: to provide you with the best services to facilitate your choice of lenses and frames according to your style, your needs and the shape of your face.

We offer more than a 1000 models of classic or original frames, for men, women and children in all our branches.

In terms of ophthalmic lenses, we offer you the world-renowned Pentax products as well as the products of the Riverside Opticalab laboratory, a pioneer in the field of high definition ophthalmic lenses in Canada.

In order to fulfill all of our commitments to perfection, all of our opticians are members of the Ordre des opticiens d’ordonnances du Québec.

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Safety Glasses

From $ 89

Explore our wide selection of rugged and affordable scratch-resistant and anti-reflective safety glasses.

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The best service

We know that choosing a frame for your glasses is not always easy. Because no two faces are the same, each combination of frames and lenses is unique. The ideal is to come into a store to discuss with our team of professionals, because beyond aesthetic choices, the opticians of Lunetterie Béland are there to inform you of all the technical aspects related to your prescription.

In order to guide you better, we’ll ask you many questions about how you will use your glasses at work and in your leisure time. Once the analysis of your needs and the shape of your face has been completed, we will guide you so that you make the best choice of glasses.

We are also here to help you if you have special needs such as:

  • Ophthalmic lenses with prisms;
  • Double focus ophthalmic lenses;
  • Safety glasses;
  • Reading glasses;
  • Sports glasses (soccer, baseball, swimming, cycling, etc.);
  • Modification of shapes for drilled assemblies (Silhouette type).

Please note that if you do not have your prescription, we will be happy to ask your optometrist for it.

If you need to have an eye exam, we will take your order and when your exam is done, your optometrist will send us the results so that we can make your glasses.