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Our team

A Staff that is there at all times

Béland brings together more than 70 passionate people who help provide you with the best glasses, at the best price.

Our sales experts

Don't buy glasses until you've spoken to one of our sales experts! They are up to date with the latest trends and technological advancements, they know the existing and upcoming inventory, and they are experienced stylists. In short, they will know how to help you make the best purchase.

Our opticians

In every store there is an optician who receives the optometric prescriptions and makes sure you get exactly what you need. Calibration, optimization, adjustment of ophthalmic lenses hold no secrets for them.

Our optometrists

The optometrist is usually the first stop if you feel the need to correct your vision. He or she will measure the necessary corrections if necessary, and can advise you on the type of glasses or lenses to buy.

Our cutting laboratory

Always with the idea of offering you the best possible price, we have developed our own cutting laboratory, located in the Mascouche industrial park. The manufacture of your glasses is done there by our own technicians, which allows us to ensure better quality control and to offer you personalized service while allowing you to save money.

Our distribution center

Also located in Mascouche, our distribution center allows us to keep in inventory thousands of frames and lenses as well as all essential eyewear items, which allows us to serve you quickly.

Administrative team

To help us manage the laboratory and eyewear, we have an efficient team of accounting, ordering and laboratory managers who work closely together in one location to provide you with the best possible service.

Our partners

Groupe Marchon : – Bebe – Calvin Klein – DKNY – Dragon – Flexon – Longchamp – Lacoste – Nautica – Nike Groupe Safilo : – Carrera – Chesterfield – Boss – Kate Spade – Polaroid – Marc Jacobs – Tommy Hilfiger Groupe Kering : – Chloé – Gucci – MCQ – Puma Groupe Luxottica: – Michael Kors – Oakley – Rayban Groupe Optika : – Mizyake – Nat & Coco – Paolo Rossini – Reactive – Soho Tech Partenaires fournisseur de lentilles: – Riverside – Pentax

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