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Proudly Québécois

A growing company

Lunetterie Béland has 17 branches in Quebec. We pride ourselves on the fact that the cutting and fitting of our eyewear is done locally, and that our business is thriving, thanks to the quality of our services, our products and our people.

Béland's story

Upon retiring from the Canadian Armed Forces, René Béland became an optician in 1994. In addition to being one of the main suppliers of the Armed Forces, he developed a loyal clientele with whom he maintained a long-term relationship of trust based on the quality of its service and the competitiveness of its prices.

By a happy coincidence in 2013, Mr. Béland crossed paths with Isabelle Neveu and Mylène Nadeau, two innovative businesswomen who became partners in the adventure. Together, they consolidated the business model of the best quality at the lowest price, and grew the Béland brand by opening new branches, increasing the purchasing power of the group and its customers every day.