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17 Béland eyewear stores in Quebec

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Alma eyewear store

500 Rue Sacré Coeur Ouest,
Alma, QC,
G8B 1M1

Barbara Doyle. o.o.d.

418 769-1387

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Dolbeau-Mistassini eyewear store

1277 Boulevard Wallberg,
Dolbeau-Mistassini, QC,
G8L 1H3

Vanessa Martel, o.o.d.

418 276-9990

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Gatineau eyewear store

By appointment only

664 Boulevard Saint-Joseph,
Gatineau, QC,
J8Y 4A8

Rodolphe Martin, o.o.d.

819 525-1793

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Lévis eyewear store

469 Avenue Taniata,
Local 500,
Lévis, QC,
G6W 5M6

Andrée Rioux, o.o.d.

418 834-7770

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Mascouche eyewear store

815 Rue Bombardier #6,
Mascouche, QC,
J7K 3E6

Mélanie Gagnier, o.o.d.

Linda Laforge, o.o.d.

Fanny Woloskowski, o.o.d.

450 474-1588

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Mont-Laurier eyewear store

939 Boulevard Albiny Paquette,
Mont-Laurier, QC,
J9L 3J1

Bruno Fougeray, o.o.d.

Annie Chénier, o.o.d.

819 499-1880

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Rivière-du-Loup eyewear store

340B Rue Lafontaine,
Rivière-du-Loup, QC,
G5R 3B1

Sarah Aubin, o.o.d.

418 605-0784

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Roberval eyewear store

612, Boulevard Marcotte
Roberval, Québec, G8H1Z6

Cynthia Allard, o.o.d.

418 618-3050

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Rouyn-Noranda eyewear store

141 Rue Perreault Est,
Rouyn-Noranda, QC,
J9X 3C3

David Boudin, o.o.d.

Diane Beaudry, o.o.d.

819 917-2323

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Saint-Georges-de-Beauce eyewear store

11 485 1ere Avenue,
Saint-Georges, QC,
G5Y 2C7

Katy Rodrigue, o.o.d.

Marianne Vachon, o.o.d.

Roxanne Tanguay, o.o.d.

418 221-6154

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Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu eyewear store

300 Boulevard St-Luc # 19,
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC,
J2W 2A3

Julie Cooper, o.o.d.

Geneviève Racicot, o.o.d.

450 741-7989

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Sainte-Foy eyewear store

2750 Chemin Ste-Foy # 132,
Québec, QC,
G1V 1V6

Marie-France Proulx, o.o.d.

Rachel Tremblay, o.o.d.

418 651-0004

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Terrebonne eyewear store

2295 Chemin Gascon,
Terrebonne, QC,
J6X 4H3

Isabelle Lajeunesse, o.o.d.

450 326-3202

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Thetford Mines eyewear store

723 Boulevard Frontenac Ouest,
Thetford Mines, QC,
G6G 7X9


Stéphanie Provost, o.o.d.

Sabrina Breton, o.o.d.

418 332-4448

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Val-Bélair eyewear store

1864 Avenue Industrielle,
Québec, QC,
G3K 1M4

Marie-France Proulx, o.o.d.

418 843-1333

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Val-d’Or eyewear store

1125 3e Avenue,
Val-d’Or, QC,
J9P 1T7

Jérémy Beaujard, o.o.d.

Annie Michaud, o.o.d.

873 476-0114

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Victoriaville eyewear store

85 rue Notre-Dame Est,
Victoriaville, QC,
G6P 3Z8

Alexandra Girard, o.o.d.

819 604-7477

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